Week 9 - March 17 & 19

March 17
Eric presented on Twitter
Thomas presented on Video Webpages

Why is a Blog called a Blog?
Because it first when save a file as a ".log file it would automatically add the date and time

Technology Quiz Tuesday March 24th and Technology Quiz review on March 19th

Technology quiz should cover the following:
Exact Target
CSV Files
Have a couple essay questions regarding variuos technologies

Worked in groups from 11:35 am to the end of class

Remember Thursday we will launch our Google Adwords Campaign

March 19

Adaora Arachie presented on Hadoop. Hadoop is an Apache project that is currently being built. Companies and individual people all over the world are contributing to the Hadoop. Hadoop is a free software program. Hadoop controls the top search engines and determines the ads diplayed next to the results. Top search engines from Google, Yahoo, and Facebook feel that the Hadoop is a breakthrough that will help solve a lot of data problems and open new services in the future.

Ellen Wright presented on MyAds, which is a similar program to Google Adwords. It allows the user to create an ad to be placed on myspace pages. The software allows the advertiser to target users down to specifics such as likes, interests, location, etc. The ad is then placed on the profiles of those who match the criteria choosen.

We had a short review for the quiz, remember to look at the Wiki and review sheet and review all of our guest speakers
Email Dr. Zahay your blog URL so she can look at your progress
Quiz is next tuesday!
We launched our Adwords campaign!

Important dates to Remember!!
March 20: By 8am have Pre-Campaign posted to file exchange
March 24: Lauch Adwords Campaign

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