Week 6 - Febuary 17 & 19

February 17

1) Exam
2) CIMA Scholarhip
3) Interim Presentation
4) Guest Speaker

  • The exam will be postponed to 3/19.
  • CIMA Scholarship will be posted in Blackboard to explain all the criteria and requirements.

Dr. Zahay presented two companies that are willing to work with the class on the Google AdWords challenge:

  • Flyingfx.com
  • bodylogicmd.com

Eric did his 30 sec promotional. The only suggestion would be to add three strengths that he would add to the company.

Interim Presentations:
Savvy Surfers - Considering mortgage company but may have concerns with expensive keywords.
Aditude - They have five prospects but they are having difficulty contacting them. They are leaning toward bodylogicmd.com.

Guest Speaker:
Melissa G.
-has 22 years experience.
-written 11 books and 4 are best sellers about networking.
-has a website called Networlding.

4 Strategies of brand

  • brand awareness
  • recognition
  • ownership
  • leverage

*Networking doesn't end after you get a job.

Three Important Social Networks for Business Professionals:
*Twitter - micro blogging platform
*Facebook - social networking
*LinkedIn - business relationship networking and the best site for business professionals, networking and college grads.

Who should be in your inner circle network:

  • no more than 10 people
  • peer mentors
  • people that you can count on
  • your boss
  • other mentors

What do you say when you first meet?
Say positive things and create brand awareness.

How often should you remain in touch with a contact?
Once every month or however often the person would like to be contacted.

Finding Hidden networks and hidden jobs is a great advantage to be connected. You can find out about a job before others do or before a job is posted.

Important Advice

  • Become a master of networking now and it will feed you for life.
  • Never stop networking.
  • Networking is all about building connections and mutual trust.
  • When you are networking try to find people who are diverse.

February 19

*Interim Presentations
-Google Maniacs: Need to select more specific keywords as well as longer keywords to make them less expensive.
-Search Engine Warriors: Need to pick more generic keywords and be less specific.
-Jact Up: Open up their region to the whole country and not just Chicago and try to do two ads.

*Extra Credit
-There is extra credit opportunity. If you can get three business cards from intership fair, job fair, or the Okner and write one page paper on who they are and what you learned from them.
-In the paper, summarized each person you met in a paragragh and make a copy of the business cards and include them in the paper.

*Guest Speaker: John Ferraro
-e-click performance
- Gave the groups great feedback to work with and then did his presentation.

Common PPC Terms
impressions- # of times the ad was shown.
clicks- # of times the ad was clicked on by a user.
CTR- click through rate (Clicks/impressions)x10.
conversions- # of user who click on an ad, then complete a pre-defined action as filling out a contact form.

Benefits of PPC Marketing
-real time
-test ideas
*never run just one ad

Keyword Search
-Think like a customer.
-Check log files and/or analytics.
-Use the google keyword tools.
-Don't be too broad or irrelevant.
-Stay away from one word keywords.
-Less competition.
-The more specific the cheaper.
-Beware of acronyms.

Geography Modifiers
-city names
-zip codes

4 Types of Keywords
-default setting- broad match
-uses quotations- phrase match
-uses brackets- Exact match
-What you do not want to show up- negative match

Quality Score
-This tells you how well you are doing in your ad campaign.
-Great: 8-10
-Ok: 5-7
-Poor: 1-4

Common PPC Mistakes
-Sending your ad to your home page.
-Bidding on keywords that are too general.
-Quality score.
-Bidding to be #1.

Great Advice from John Ferraro
-Find good keywords with good click-through rates and good positions.
-Conduct A/B testing to determine which ad had the best click-thru rates.
-Typically you want to be in the top 4 ads(above the fold).
-Be aware of character limitations (usually about 35 characters).
-People are more willing to click on ads when the 1st line is longer than the 2nd line.

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