Week 4 - February 3 & 5

February 3

Today, Professor Zahay had one of her independent study students, Craig Briars, come in to give us a quick crash course in Photoshop and some basic techniques. The project that we did in class with Craig was turned in to Dr. Zahay.
PhotoShop 101 photoshop

February 5, 2009

Presentations: Groups - 2nd Email Assignment (Data Transform).

  • The job market is at a 25 year high unemployment rate, meaning students need to be aggressive but realistic.
  • It is important to research companies ahead of time to better prepare yourself.
  • It is important that everyone add information to the class wiki because it functions as a working journal.
  • Remember that there is a NO NOTECARD rule in the business environment; try to memorize your presentations.
  • Research companies before hand so that you can educate yourself and better prepare.

What Makes a Good Presentation?

  • Organized: Uses rules of 3, 7x7, presentation is organized and tells a logical story.
  • Prepared: Slides are loaded in advance (at least 10 minutes before class).
  • Looks at audience: Stands away from the podium when not demonstrating a website.
  • Knows material: Could give talk without slides.
  • Demonstrates understanding of marketing technology principles.
  • Audio visual aids are helpful.
  • Sticks to time guidelines (5 minutes).
  • Presentation demonstrates knowledge and application of course topics.
  • Grammar/spelling is checked.

Where Can We Go to Find a Job?

  • Search the NIU Interactive Marketing website for updates on internships and job opportunities.
  • Also on the website, graduates from the interactive program are listed under the companies they work for. This can be used as a networking tool.
  • Do your interactive marketing homework to find out what is out there.
  • Make sure to have experience in the interactive marketing field i.e. keeping up with a blog, working on a wiki and basic technology knowledge.

*It is important that everytone add to the class wiki, it functions as a working journal.

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