Week 3 - January 27 & 29

January 27


  • Ian Essling (Google Analytics)
  • Aditude (Email #1)
  • Google Maniacs (Email #1)
  • Jact Up (Email #1)

January 29


  • Melissa Obillo (Social Networks)
  • Savvy Surfers (Email #1)
  • Search Engine Warriors (Email #1)

Joe DeCosmo
*Joe DeCosmo from The Allant Group was a guest speaker today in class.
*He discussed what his company does and answered questions about the industry now.
*His best advice is that in order to be successful and have longevity you have to have visibility in all of the integrated marketing challenge circle.

Some key points are:
*The DVR and how it allows people to skip ads but if you watch on the internet you can't skip the ads. This helps marketers.
*People don't like shopping online but they like purchasing on the web, this being said direct mail is still an asset to a company.
*He said that ALL marketing focuses on trying to crack "the Code".
*The metrics can't compute "the Code".

*Some major marketing areas are:
-Strategic planning=holistic view
-Measurement= effectiveness of media.

*The channel value varies by audience.
*Life cycle stage is very important in his slides, look over again.
*Visible world= Leader in trying to individualize advertising to each person by the TV box.
*You want to integrate marketing across all channels.
*No silos- Center of Excellence


*Understand the customer lifecycle to identify ALL customer touchpoints and interactions.

  • Establish a single organizational checkpoint which is called the "center of excellence".
  • Foster a test and learn culture approach.
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