Week 11 - March 31 & April 2

March 31


Ryan Ward

  • Flimp.net Rich Media Landing Pages

- Stands for Flash Interactive Marketing Platform
- Create targeted video advertisements to use in landing pages or email marketing
- Uses "microsite advertising"
- Has analytics built into the program to help the user track traffic.

Jack Kuo

  • Skype

- Uses VOIP- Being able to talk over the internet.
- With Skype you can call people in the U.S. or Canada for free.
- With Skype you can also make international calls for a small fee.
- Skype will work with a company called Spin Vox. Spin Vox will transfer your voicemail into a text message. This is a good company to use during a recession.
- Oprah is using and promoting Skype.


  • HubSpot

- Its an inbound marketing software.
- It helps companies with their ROI.
- The four tools they use are:
1. Keyword Grader
2. Link Grader
3. Blog Grader
4. Website Grader
- Tells you what campaigns leads the highest return. It's a bit like Flimp.net.

Important Dates:
Final report due April 16th
Have first part of the post-campaign completed by April 9th

April 2


Tammi Casey: Google In-Game Advertisements
-More people are online, than watching television
-The gaming industry will be worth 971.3 Million by 2001
-Google In-Game Advertisements works with Google Adwords
-Gives marketers and publishers a way to advertise different ads before, during or after the online game.
-Marketers develop the ad and pick what game they want the ad to be placed on.
-The Marketers bid on the words within the game.
-Marketers can create text, video and image ads.
- Ads are relevant and are able to hit their target market.

Katrina Jefferson: RSS Feeds
-stands for Rich Site Summary
-Web 2.0 technology
-created by pioneer blogger David Winer
-lists summaries of updated content on website hosting feeds
-summaries allow for easy scanning of web content
-attractive interactive technology for those website hosts looking to increase traffic to website
-good way to attract customers to a website, that is relevant to customers
-customers must have a "reader" to view RSS feeds
-Remember an informed customer is more like to buy
-It allows consumeres to pick articles that interest them.

Debra Zahay: "Gaming is so big online, but not many people discuss it in class."

Remember to link to Dr. Debra Zahay's blog:
In order to complete this task, complete the following steps
-Go to the Dashboard + click Layout + Add a Gadget + Link list + Add title +Add actual URL (the title is Northern Illinois University Interactive Marketing) + Save (://niuinteractivemarketing.blogspot.com/)

The award ceremony will probably be held at Pizzahut on Lincoln
-There will probably be two shifts to convenience everyone.

The winning team for final presentations will recieve two passes for the Direct Marketing event in June.
-Lots of networking possibilities

By April 20, send Dr. Zahay a one page paper about why you want to attend the event.

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