Week 10 - March 24 & 26

March 24

  • In class today we had 45 minutes to take the technology quiz.
  • The multiple choice questions were done on blackboard and the essay question was done in word and printed out.

Once the quiz was done Dr. Zahay discussed the pre-campaign paper

  • The paper needs to be uploaded to Google before you start your campaign.
  • The paper will be used to evaluate your group along with the numbers.
  • No one had uploaded their papers to Google. So, she gave us class time to upload our papers to Google.


Andrew Mast: HIRO

  • It is a software program to implant commercials in movies "legally."
  • The commercials update every time you watch so you won't see the same commercial twice.
  • The ads are not really targeted.

Casey Krakowski: Digg.com

  • It is a social content, it is like a blog, you read it and comment on it.
  • It was created by Kevin Rose in 2004.
  • Paris Hilton helped "blow up" the website when she had lost her cell-phone.
  • The more interested people are on the topic, it'll then be on the main page.
  • Posts on the site take you directly to the source/link for that topic.
  • The site was ranked in the top 100 websites by Alexa.com
  • People post news on there. The more diggs you get the more it will be seen on the main page.
  • It is grouped into different groups like sports, comedy, political etc.

March 26

Today during class we had individual presentations and group presentations to show our progress so far on the Google Adwords campaigns.


Sandy Yu: iPhone applications

  • Apples' iPhone applications as an innovative marketing channel
  • The Apple Store now has over 25,000 applications available for download
  • There are many different categories of applications. The types of applications that consumers download can provide useful information about demographics and psychographics for that person.
  • Dockers, the apparel company, just recently launched a new, interactive ad and claims that it is the first to take advantage of the iPhones accelerometer technology to create an ad that engages the consumer.
  • Similar types of ads were released by Gap and Target during the holiday season last year in the form of download-able applications.

Gabriela Spedale: Pixazza

  • Program that allows companies to "tag" pictures on website using "widgets". When tags appear on a picture, browsers can place their mouse over it, then a window appears making suggestions on where to get the item or similar items and the prices for the products.
  • It is mostly used by retailers at this point.
  • The website makes money off of the other companies.

Google Adwords Advice

  • Pause some of the campaigns that are not doing so well and focus on the ones that are successful.
  • Try turning off content network and just keeping search on.
  • 1% click-thru-rates are pretty good.
  • On your ad diagnostic page, diagnose your keywords.
  • The average position shows page rank, being in the top three is worth while.
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