Technology Quiz Review

Technology Quiz (3/24/09)

__Things to study:__

Exact Target: Click thru rate, effective mail design, importing data

File Transforms: csv, txt file formats. How to transform in excel from one to another.

Photoshop: File types, .jpg, photoshop, etc., how to resize a photo, using the crop and brush tools.

Google Adwords Campaign (including guest from eClick): The Adwords tool, the content network, the search network, writing effective paid search ads, how to get started, book material: Search vs. content network, ad format, location, keywords and goals, Quality Score, ROI, search environment, Headline, display URL.

Job Searching: how to get started, the 30/60 second promotional, making a list of companies, the "wow" factor, how can you contribute.

The Okner: Jennifer Howard's presentation, 7 Trends in Digital Marketing

Steve Topper: Aspects of project management as relevant to class; 3 contraints

Lynn Hazan: problem solving method

Joe Decosmo: Database marketing cycle

Things to consider:

Marketing technology to increase click thru's, impressions, sales, how to integrate technology into existing campaigns.
The display URL can be whatever you want, however it has to be in the real URL.

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