Table 8 Not For Profit

Table 8: Not-for-Profit: J.B. Mantz, Director of Direct Marketing, Mercy Home For Boys and Girls

Marketing Strategies

  • To increase open-rate of direct mail make it appear personalized.
  • Grab attention in the first sentence of the direct mail. (most read part of letter)
  • P.S. should state what consumers are expected to do. (most read part of letter)
  • Good, creative ideas seem like the best source to increase list response
  • Copy your competitors best ideas.
  • Send different messages to determine what is the best message.
  • Multiple stamps are attention getters.
  • Details in direct mail add to the response of the reader if the additions are relevant.

The Mercy Home For Boys and Girls uses a bounceback technique. This is when they are asked to sign a gift tag and that tag will be attached to an actual gift. This technique has been known to be very effective regarding donations.

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