Table 5 Not For Profit

Table 5: Not-for-Profit: Christopher Panek, Brookfield Zoo

Christopher Panek discussed the importance of diversity. He stated that Non-For-Profits should not be treated any differently than a For-Profit; they both should be held to the same standards. Not-For-Profits strive to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships. For example, Brookfield pushes visitors to purchase memberships to the zoo, in return the zoo is better able to monitor and profile their members. Mr. Panek really educated his listeners about the importance of Non-For-Profits organizations and how important donations are to them. Mr. Panek stated that he would not sell his member list to anyone in the world; however he said he would trade with other Non-For-Profit organizations, with-in his group for their list. He realizes the importance of having a good clean list. So what exactly do you get with a membership? Members get value and over the years they get philanthropy. He also offered some good advice, "All data is good, it is up to you to look at it and pick out what you think is important."

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