Table 4 Telemarketing

Table 4: Telemarketing: Deborah Pearlman, DKP & Associates

Deborah has been in consulting for 18 years. She feels that it is a good career path.

CAREER ADVICE: get foot in door and show what you can do.

Telemarketing Stats:

*$700 million a year sold using telemarketing
*Lower end customers are the best customers when telemarketing
*Older people are more responsive to telemarketing
*Have a relationship with them is also a good thing to have
*Automated calls are illegal if they are trying to sell something to the person on the other line

National Do Not Call Registry

*People can register their phone numbers to this list and by doing this telemarketing companies will be unable to contact them.
*1.5 million people are on the list
*60% of names and numbers are accurate in the registry
*In this case companies should keep their own lists of names and phone numbers.

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