Table 3 Interactive

**Table 3: Interactive: Mamta Bhargava, Grainger
Direct Marketing is becoming more precise and granular.

Direct respone is when you ask for a call to action.

RSS feeds are automated ads that are relevant to users.

Ways to Integrate Some of the Different Medias with Direct Marketing?
Since radio reaches lost of different consumers conduct a pre-awareness study to determine the effectiveness of radio. To better measure results look analyze return on investments.

YouTube is used very effectively for consumers and businesses. Most marketers have followed a strategy with YouTube to get consumers to a specific point. It is important to realize that YouTube is only the first call to action. Next you should determine how you will track consumers via YouTube.

Fun Fact #1: The fastest growing age group on Facebook is 55+

Important Advice

  • When times are tough go after your most profitable customers.

-In order to determine your most profitable customers start at a high level and drill down.

  • You can manipulate the way you reach consumers.
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