Table 1 Interactive

Dave Marsey, Digitas

Some of the key points made during this table were:

-Segmenting online is based on interests, profile data, searches, keywords, sites visited, etc.
—-There are literally hundreds of segments (car lovers, car buyers, etc) and more are constantly being created.

-The more specific and smaller the segments become, the smaller the market for a set product. However, the group is going to be narrowed down so the ones that are being targeted have a much higher potential of a purchase.

-A common problem of today is advertisers are focusing more on money and less on branding aspects.

-If a company can narrow in on behavioral traits, it increases the likelihood the campaign will be successful. Going after people who might be interested in the product will increase the chance they will purchase.

-Recently, behavioral targeting ad spending has increased rapidly. It has grown 5% in the past several years.

-As behavioral targeting increases click-thru rates increase.

-Recency is one of the most important things to look at when it comes to look at consumers internet activities. For example, if you are targeting someone looking for a car, one should look at search activity for several months. If a company is looking to go after consumers that like certain movies, only going back a week or so would be best.

- When looking at ads, it is important not to overdue the exposure to the consumer. Frequency capping allows for the company to say how many times a unique user sees the ad in a single day. EX/ I want 1 unique user to see my ad 3 times a day.

- Engagement mapping is the measure of impact of all media online. It looks at online ad viewing, and how many times that ad was seen across all media types online.

-Segment Audience- Gives information about their age and profile, what searches their doing, what sites they visit, and what keywords their using. It looks at their purchase behavior.
The downside is that the smaller and smaller you break down your reach, the less audience you will have.

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