Crash course in Photoshop

Important Keyboard Shortcuts
Ctrl + C ||| Copy
Ctrl + V ||| Paste
Ctrl + S ||| Save
Ctrl + D ||| Deselect
Ctrl + T ||| Open transform (hold Shift key to keep proportions)
Ctrl + + ||| Zoom In
Ctrl + - ||| Zoom out
Ctrl + Alt + Z ||| Go back one step
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Z ||| Go forward one step
V - Switch to Select Tool

Cloning- Click the clone tool, press and hold alt. and click what you want to clone. Then move your curser around and you can clone items!

Free Transform- Under the Edit, can be used to re-size the picture without losing its original shape

Remember to save work as both "Save for Web and Devices" and Photoshop PSD file.

  • Save for Web and Devices
    1. Save as a JPEG usually
    2. Set quality to 80
    3. Allows you to view finished product
    4. Makes it easy to send and view online
  • Photoshop PSD file
    1. Save in this format to allow you to go back and make changes later
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