Lynn Hazen Presentation

UPS (Unique Positioning Statement)

  • What makes you unique and special?
  • Why should you be hired?
  • Know what makes you special and why should the employer higher you? And what makes you unique. Know all 3 before going to a job interview.
  • Know how to sell yourself to an employer and market yourself to an employer.

Elevator Speech

  • As a job seeker, you need to have a 30-second and 60-second "self summaries" prepared. You need to be able to effectively explain to an executive (i.e. someone you got on an elevator with) why you are unique and why you are the right person for the job, in a brief format. It is also important to explain what skills and experience you have and demonstrate how you can help the company. Stand in front of a mirror, smile, show your teeth and tell the mirror why the mirror should hire you in 30 or 60 seconds. Communicate to the mirror.

WOW Project

  • Do a little extra research on the company and the product/service and present it in an interview if it seems appropriate. Show initiative and enthusiasm for the position you are applying for.

Problem Solving Approach

  1. Identify a problem or need
  2. What opportunity/challenge does it present?
  3. Strategy and tactic
  4. Results
  5. What do you do with the results?

Growing Trends (Watch the trends, you could find job opportunities)

  • Green
  • Technology
  • Globalization
  • Web 2.0, etc.


  • It is important to keep up with what is going on in the world and industry by READING. In addition, keep in mind that going into the work world you will have to continuously keep learning about new technology, techniques and skills.
  • Hiring managers are looking for candidates who are both “left brained” and “right brained” (analytic and creative).
  • Build on your strengths. If asked to talk about weaknesses, turn them into positives i.e. how have you been trying to improve upon your weaknesses?
  • Make sure that your resume and cover letter are changed slightly to match the job you’re applying for (i.e. tailor your skills to match what the job requires).
  • ALWAYS follow up and call about jobs, stay proactive with your job search.
  • Your goal is to create a win-win situation.
  • Always work with a recruiter as you get more experience with work (5-10yrs.) they can find you a new job that pays better. Like Lynn Hazan's company.
  • Start thinking about where their are unmet needs in the market where you can contribute, you will be very successful that way.
  • Critical skills you need in the job market include: computer skills, managing clients, writing, project management, quick study, soft skills- people/ relationship building, analytical/ quantitative, new marketing tools- social media.

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Are we paying fairly?
  • Offer opportunities for advancement.
  • PEW RESEARCH CENTER 2050 Projections is Lations = 29% and Asians= 9%.
  • CSR= Comapnies have to be responsible for their areas.

Trend Blogs/Resources


*By environment and energy publishing.

  • Covers politics and biz of climate.
  • Look at futurist David Houle's blog for hot tips:

Majors that didn't exist 10 years ago

  • New Media
  • Organic Agriculture
  • E-business
  • Nanotechnology
  • Homeland Security

Do's and Dont's of Interviewing

  • Arrive on time.
  • Establish rapport.
  • Demonstrate by work and deed your fit for the job.
  • Project a professional image.


  • Oversell yourself.
  • Undersell yourself.
  • Go to an interview hungry.
  • Be arrogant.
  • Be too casual.
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