Google Adwords Challenge

Google AdWords Challenge

International challenge that measure the success of an online advertising campaign. We are given a $200 budget in which to use for the challenge. The reward for the challenge is a trip to California and a laptop for those winning team members and their teacher.

  • the company must be approved by Google
  • the company must be a small business.
  • It needs to have enough traffic going to their website.
  • Business must approve of participation in challenge
  • Competing internationally based on
    1. Click through
    2. Impressions
    3. Algorithms

Note: An algorithm is a mathematical formula. The algorithm include the items in the search such as the initial search title, the descriptive copy underneath the title, linking strategies, keyword density on a page—keyword density which can be measured between the copy and the title or the relevance between the term and the descriptive copy. (See Better Website Components for more info)

Better Website Components

  • Make sure title is a good title that describes the site
  • Copy should be consistent
  • Keywords
  • Linking strategies
  • Keyword density
  • Relevance
  • Click-thrus

Landing Page

  • This is a specific web page that people are directed to after running a search
  • Is relevant to the searched keywords
  • the goal of the Google AdWords Challenge is to direct people to this page

Takeaways for the day

  • Brainstorm with your group in deciding the best characteristics for a good client for this challenge.
  • Call the companies of interest, inform them of the project, and ask if they would potientially like to participate in the challenge.
  • During the call, we should also ask if they are willing to create a landing page for the challenge. If they are unable to but would still like to participate, the group would take on the responsibility of creating the landing page.
  • For some reason Google takes the liberty spend up to 20% more than your budget is set to. Eclick recommends setting the budget a little bit lower than the actual spending goal to account for the 20%.
  • Check in Campaign Settings and see if the Delivery Method is set on Standard or Accelerated… A good way to save some money is to use Standard, which shows ads fairly evenly throughout the day so the budget is not spent too early.

Google Adwords Advice

  • It takes great statistics to win Google Adwords as well as great written reports.
  • Landing page: put it where it makes sense.
  • Listen to podcast for tips for pre-canpaign.
  • Pause some of the campaigns that are not doing so well and focus on the ones that are successful.
  • Try turning off content network and just keeping search on.
  • 1% click-thru-rates are pretty good.
  • On your ad diagnostic page, diagnose your keywords.
  • The average position shows page rank, being in the top three is worth while.

Google Adwords Learning Experiences:

  • Turn off search or content network if it is not generating a lot of results
  • Delete keywords that are not working
  • Bid higher for the best keywords
  • Change adgroup's text as you go along
  • Change daily budget as necessary
  • Have more interactions with the client
  • Use generic keywords if keywords are too expensive
  • Keep a close eye on your budget
  • Monitor and track changes to the campaign
  • Make sure you chose a client that is committed and reliable
  • Different regions have different words, make sure you know the correct dialects and definitions
  • Think like someone who is searching, not a keyword specialist. Do not be afraid to get creative.
  • Take advantage of negative keywords when trying to avoid certain search terms
  • Use misspelled keywords
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