Good Email

What Makes a Good Email?

Subject Line:

  • Creating a subject line that is personalized, for example, including the customer/prospects full name.
  • The subject line should specify that the email is an advertisement.
  • Make sure the subject is not too wordy and that it is trust worthy.


  • Should include a physical name/address.
  • The body of the email should be simple, not wordy.
  • Consistent navigation.
  • Bright images (HTML vs. text).
  • Have hyperlinks that work and take them directly were they want to go.
  • Any images in the body should be hyperlinks also (Mentioned by Joe DeCosmo).
  • Should have an opt-in option.
  • Could be beneficial if the site's ratings were posted.


  • Emails should be relevant to the customer/prospect.
  • Avoid sending out "junk mail".

From (source):


  • An email campaign should at least allow customers or prospects to opt-out of receiving emails, promotions, etc.
  • The double opt-in option is better.
  • Follow the Can Spam Act.

Golden R's of E-mail Marketing

  • Relevance - should be applicable to recipients needs/lifestyle.
  • Respect - can't be relevant unless you know something about the customers.
  • Recipient Control - make recipient an active partner in deciding what they want to receive and how often.

*Contact information should be included in the email, including name and physical address and/or phone number.

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