Exact Target

The Exact Target software was used during the second week of classes in lab 104. The class used the website to learn the basics of an email marketing campaign.

Each group used a strong subject line, relevant pictures and concise language to communicate the message of the email. The motive for the email campaign for the class was to request donations from the email recipients for the February 14 scholarship fund.

For the first email, each group member came up with several email addresses from friends, family, or colleagues to use for our email campaign. Each group members' list consisted of about 10 email addresses. For the second email, each group member came up with 20 different email addresses. Each group then had about 60 email addresses.

Each group edited and revised their subject line to grab their recipient's attention. The class was taught how to add each email address into the database, including using data transformations to export CSV files and import them. The most effective emails used personalization and also placed hyperlinks further up in the email (above the fold and integrated into the text).

Each group used the next couple of days to monitor and track the response rates and click-through rates for each of the emails.

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