For each date the team is responsible for that half of the "Week" page and also the topic page for that day.

March 3 - Aditude
March 5 - Google Maniacs
March 17 - JACT UP
March 19 - Savvy Surfers
March 24 - Search Engine Warriors

March 31 - Aditude
April 2 - Google Maniacs
April 9 - JACT UP
April 14 - Savvy Surfers
April 16 - Search Engine Warriors

For example, if your team had been assigned January 29, you would make the January 29 half of the Week page and then make the Joe DeCosmo topic page as well.

Each team has 24 hours to complete the assignment. At 12:30 PM on the day after the assigned day, anyone may create the page if it has not been done.

If you have questions, please email or call me and I will help!

The following assignments are old and for archives only, please don't follow them, I'll have them on an archive page tomorrow.

Old Weekly Page Assignments

  • Week 1 - Google Maniacs
  • Week 2 - Aditude
  • Week 3 - Search Engine Warriors
  • Week 4 - Search Engine Warriors
  • Week 5 - Search Engine Warriors
  • Week 6 - Google Maniacs

Old Assignments

Lynn Hazen: Search Engine Warriors and Jact UP
Exact Target: Aditudes and Open
Good Email: Search Engine Warriors and Jact UP
Week 1 Summary: Google Maniacs and Open
Week 2 Summary: Aditudes and Open
Week 3 Summary: Open and Search Engine Warriors
Week 4 Summary: Open and Open
Week 5 Summary: Search Engine Warriors and Open
Making A CSV: Search Engine Warriors
Joe DeCosmo Presentation: Open

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